Mother’s Day – The Most Important Day Of The Year

Mother’s Day can be especially difficult for many Mothers – those who have lost their child or grandchild to overdose. Those who have their teen or adult child living in the depths of their addiction.  That every day pain that never goes away.

The love of a Mother knows no bounds. When everyone has given up, Moms are often in that battle alone.

One thing Mother’s Day most certainly is, is an emotional day for everyone who is a Mom, has stepped up to be the Mom, is a Grandmother or aunt who stepped up to fill the Mom roll,  is a son or daughter who grieves for the Mom who has passed away or the son or daughter whose Mom simply walked away one day and never returned.

True love is never negotiable – it is there – it isn’t something you can turn on or off.  A Mother’s love is something we can’t explain.  That love, that bond, that powerful force.  I can’t imagine anything more powerful.

To all of you Moms or Moms by choice, you are an inspiration.  You are a strong and powerful force.  You are loved filled.  There is no one, nothing more powerful than you.  You are the definition of strength and love.

Yes you have those times of utter frustration.  Those times when you have to step away for awhile. Those times when we feel we just have to throw our hands in the air and say “I’m done”.  Those times when we find ourselves rolled up in a ball, in tears.

But that bond.  That unbreakable tie that binds us to those we love – oh it stretches sometimes, but it never breaks.

I hope that you have been able to have a peaceful day today.  That you heard from those you love.  That you remembered the one you lost with gentle memories of the person they truly were inside.  They were not their addiction.  And a Mom knows that.

I hope your day was one that brought you some joy.  Some contentment.  Some peace. Memories that made you smile.

Happy Mother’s Day to Moms everywhere. 

Below you will find a poem sent by Frances Kenny of the support group Parents Forever.  Take care and remember to be kind to yourself.

Much love,



I See You ❤️


* I see you running your child to AA and NA meetings when your friends are running their kids to jobs or college placement testing.

* I see you slipping out of the conversation when your friends are all chiming in about milestones and college acceptance letters.

* I see you constantly juggling out-patient meetings and court dates.

* I see you sitting at your computer for hours desperately researching addiction and treatment options.

* I see you cringe when people whine about what feels like petty things.

* I see you debating whether you should pull out of your retirement *again* to pay for another round of treatment.

* I see you spread thin but still going the extra mile for your other family members because the guilt eats at you that they get so little of your attention.

* I see you yet again not taking a much needed vacation for fear of what might happen while you’re gone.

* I see you digging for depths of strength you never dreamed you had.

* I see you showing appreciation to the judges, therapists and medical professionals who serve your child with compassion and understanding.

* I see you rising early in the morning to do it all again after another chaotic night.

* I see you when you’re hanging on to the end of your rope for dear life.

I know you feel invisible, like nobody notices any of it. But I want you to know I notice you.

* I see you relentlessly pushing onward. I see you keep choosing to do everything in your power to give your child the best possible care.


What you’re doing matters. It’s worth it.

On those days when you wonder if you can do it another minute, I want you to know I see you. I want you to know you’re beautiful. I want you to know it’s worth it. I want you to know you aren’t alone. I want you to know love is what matters most, and you have that nailed.

And on those days when you have breakthroughs, those times when the hard work pays off and success is yours to cherish, I see you then too, and I am proud of you.

Whichever day today is, you’re worthy, you’re good and I see you. ❤


Adapted by Monica W. from an Alethea Mahar poem


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