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Note from Steve Serbic:  Someone contacted me today and said that part 1 ” The burden of abuse” was the most powerful thing he had ever listened to.

This guy is a Captain and lost his brother to an overdose, he had not listened to part two yet.

He said that he bothered him, that there was so much hurt in world.

I responded to him with, I was connected to June a few months ago, and she has given me so much hope in the future of this planet. Her story pains me but I love that she is out there spreading the word, that we all need to stand up for those who need help, and we need to acknowledge the dark and those wrongs that were best not spoken about.
June is my hero, she inspires me to make sure when I am living my life, that I never walk by something I don’t agree with, because if you do that, then you must admit to yourself that you accept that.

Change is a choice, everyone need to stand up against abuse of any kind , and when we meet some someone like yourself June, we need to honour them, and learn as much as we can so secrets are exposed.

Then I said to him, knowing his story, Holly shit, part two is going to rock you brother.

–Thank you June, I am honoured to know you!



Article in The Now newspaper – Hidden Heroes:  why a Surrey grandmother gives haircuts to homeless

Article on the CBC News website – Mother of son who battled drug addiction for 23 years calls for improved detox support

Fraser Valley News – Book Review

Vancouver Coastal Health – Family Connections     Pages 12 – 15 Interview


Listen to June’s interview with CBC Radio’s Gloria Macarenko on B.C. Almanac, along with Dr. Keith Ahamad from St. Paul’s Hospital.  The interview is one hour in length, B.C Almanac Interview.

Listen to June’s interview with Kash Heed, on Pulse 107.7.  The interview is 30 minutes in length, Kash Heed Show Interview.

Listen to June’s interview with Bill Good Jr., on CKNW.  The interview is 25 minutes in length, Bill Good Jr. Interview.

“There are so many books written by professionals, but there isn’t a whole lot written by parents (of those struggling with addiction),” June told the Surrey Leader newspaper. Listen to June talk with the Columbia Center about her experience.

Interview on Talk Recovery Radio Vancouver Podcast



Watch June’s interview on Carren’s Couch from Australia.

Interview on Talk Recovery Radio Vancouver


A student at Fraser Heights Secondary in Surrey after reading  Addiction: A Mother’s Story did a “movie” book trailer  as a class project.   I have given many presentations over the years at Fraser Heights Secondary School and many, many at schools throughout B.C.   Often I receive letters from students after a presentation which truly touches my heart.  Today I received this attachment.  It is little more than a minute long.  It is a powerful insight into addiction.