Mother’s Day – A Mother’s Unconditional Love

To all the Moms who make our world a better place, a safer place, a more understanding place, I hope you have a peaceful day and a day that brings you some comfort.

I want to say Happy Mother’s Day, but I know not everyone will have a happy day.

You may not see or hear from your child.  You may have tragically lost your child to overdose, suicide, illness or accident.  Your child man be hospitalized or incarcerated. Today may feel more like a day of grief for you.

So I wish you a peaceful day.  A day that hopefully brings you some comfort.  A day when the memories that flash through your mind include many happy ones.  Those are the memories, not illness, not disease, not incarceration, not loss, can ever take away.

When our children are struggling with addiction and/or mental illness, Moms often don’t get the support they need.  The support they deserve.  And often when Moms are trying to be strong for their families, for their loved one struggling, society can sometimes be cruel and judgemental.  As if you have done something wrong.

In fact, Moms are often the one doing everything right.  When we Moms are speaking out and standing up, rallying support and awareness to end the stigma and shame often going hand in hand with addiction and mental illness, diseases and conditions that affect clear  thinking and behaviors – we are doing what is right.

As I recently posted on my twitter feed @AddictionAMS “Mothers everywhere are the unsung heroes in both the prison system and for those struggling with addiction both on the inside and the outside and suffering because of that horrific disease of addiction – we give our loved ones hope when they feel where is no hope.

“Many other’s eventually and understandably throw up their hands and give up but mothers don’t.  When we became mothers, motherhood did not mean ‘for the good times’.  It meant for ‘all the time’.  There is no limit on the love we have for our children, on the belief we have in our children. We don’t give up.

‘There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love. As mother’s we have to continue standing up and speaking out to promote harm reduction, healthy change, ending the stigma and providing hope when often all hope has been lost’.

And to all those women, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, foster care Moms, parents who have adopted –  women who have stepped up when for whatever reason birth Mom was unable to care for their child – you too deserve that biggest Mother’s Day support imaginable because you stepped up when the need was greatest.

So this Mother’s Day, I hope you  all find time to rest.  To take care of yourself.  Often time, taking care of ourselves feels like a luxury instead of a necessity.  We are so focused on taking care of our loved one that we forget ourselves in that mix.  Remember you count too.

Wishing you a peaceful day. A day of gentle reflection. A day I hope that all those you love, will remember you.  And when that isn’t our reality – to fully enjoy and embrace those who do remember.  Those who do show their love and support. Those who are always there for you.  That is a gift to truly embrace and appreciate.


Please keep in touch, I truly appreciate when you take the time to update me.  You are all in my thoughts.  I truly care.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – A Mother’s Unconditional Love

  1. Linda

    Thank you June & a very Happy Mother’s Day to you !!! Justin is still struggling and we go steps forward & then back again. I do have faith that he will survive this and in the mean time we all just keep loving him…Big Hugs Linda

    1. Beautifully said Linda – absolutely beautifully said, “and in the meantime we all just keeping loving him”.

      My son once said to me when deep in his addiction, “you can’t understand me Mom, just love me”.

      The love we have for our children so desperately struggling with the disease of addiction is unconditional. And in the end, it is that love they hang on to and that we hang on too.

      You and your son are in my thoughts Linda. Take care.

      Much love,

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