To All Mothers Who Have A Teen Or Adult Child Struggling With Drug Addiction

Every single Mom I have ever met who has a child struggling with the disease of addiction,  will be able to relate to this powerful testimonial by Former WWE Westler, Marc Mero.  It is a powerful, honest and love filled testament to a mother’s love.   My grandson’s Mom came across it and sent it to me.  I know it will touch your heart as profoundly as it did mine.

This is a powerful story of unconditional love.

My son Nathan once said to me, “Mom you can’t understand me, just love me”.  The love I had for my son when he was deep in his addiction or taking a brief break over 23 years of hardcore heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and meth addiction, was always the same.  It was unconditional.  Of course he was more “likeable”  when he was not using, but my love for him never waivered.  It was constant.  It was real.  It was deep.  It was an unbreakable bond.

Extended family all to often completely walk away.  Siblings, who are so profoundly affected often say, “enough”.  Sibling truly are the “unseen” victims of a brother or sisters addiction.  And tragically, fathers all to often give up.  From my experience, it is the Moms who keep trying.  It is the Moms who never give up.  It is the Moms who maintain that unbreakable bond.  It is the Moms who keep encouraging and believing and loving, even when their child’s behavior is most unlovable.

This testimonial  could be for any one of the Mom’s who never gave up.  Who continue to love.  Whose love is unconditional always.

When our child is deep in their addiction, they have no idea of the co-lateral damage caused by their addiction.  They truly believe they are the only one who is being affected.  That is one of the false realities they live with.  But as we who love them know, our devastation is raw.  It is not until the drug use ends that the person who struggled with the addiction gains clarity.

Please watch this story and warning:  You will need a tissue.  This will touch your heart profoundly


As Moms, as parents, as families we must continue to stand up, speak out and advocate to end the stigma and shame around addiction, so those living in the shadows of addiction will reach out for help.  We have lost far to many to this horrific disease.  Thousands of lives lost every year.  Families completely devastated.  Societal  resources and first responders stretched to the max.

Take care of yourself and remember you are not alone, I truly care.

6 thoughts on “To All Mothers Who Have A Teen Or Adult Child Struggling With Drug Addiction

  1. Being a mom, I can related to this story and the blog. You have rightly said that moms never give up in tough situations. My son too was drug addict. For more than 3 years, I fought for his recovery. I supported him at every stage of his treatment and recovery. So, I can feel other mothers. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write Joey. I am glad something in my story resonated with you. As Moms, we may live in different areas of the country or world. We may live under varying conditions. But one thing is undeniable, there is no one more dedicated and committed than a mother who loves her child (regardless of their age).

      As Moms, we are often the only voice advocating for the help our addicted sons and daughters desperately need. The help they deserve and that we as family members deserve. Addiction is a terrible disease that takes our loved ones hostage and we are taken hostage right along with them. We have to continue standing up and speaking out to bring awareness and end the stigma and shame around addiction. It is a disease and those suffering deserve every bit of help as anyone else suffering a life altering and life threatening disease.

      Take care Joey. You and your son are in my thoughts.

      Sending a hugs from one Mom to another,

  2. Yolanda

    It is so true about a mom never giving up. I’m hoping that she would realize that using drugs is not the way that she wants to live. Her father refuses to help, because he already tried a couple of times and she continues to use. My love for my daughter is unconditional.

    1. I am so sorry for your continuing worries Yolanda as your daughter struggles with her addiction.

      Sadly, I hear all to often that fathers give up after a period. Moms on the other hand go the distance. That bond we share with our children, regardless of their age or the circumstances they find themselves in, is powerful. And often that is what it takes – your girl just knowing you believe in her and that your love for her is unconditional. Those are the ties that bind.

      No one wants to be addicted to drugs. Sadly it becomes a powerful disease. Letting your daughter know that whenever she decides she has had enough, that she wants help, you will be there for her.

      I sincerely hope that day comes soon.

      Take care Yolanda,

  3. Linda Eagland

    Thank you for sharing June…I did need some hankies !!! The struggle continues but as you say “do not give up on your loved ones”…I never have & never will. My son still struggles but me knows I will always advocate for him. I love him dearly despite the heartbreak he has put me through & I hope that one day he will love himself enough to beat the addiction and start caring for himself.
    All the best …Linda

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write Linda. I know your heart is breaking and you would do absolutely anything to help your son get well. He knows you are there in his corner believing in him.

      I remember my son once saying, “I used to have hope, Mom, but I don’t anymore. I used to believe that things would change, but I don’t believe they will. I accept this is my life. I want it to be different, but I just don’t know how to do that anymore”.

      But as Mom’s we know that even when our kids feel there is no hope – that is when we double down and we carry that hope for both of us. Just as you are doing Linda. There is this undeniable bond – a bond stronger than anything between you and your son. He knows you believe in him. And hopefully he will believe in himself and reach out for the help he deserves. And that you deserve.

      Take care my Friend. You and your boy are in my thoughts.

      Sending a hug your way,

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