Drug Addiction: The Light of Her Love

As we go through life we may meet someone who touches our life and it is changed forever.

We hear something that resonates with us.  It touches us to our core.  It may be something we hear someone say.  It may be something we read. Very often it is a song we listen to.  A song that speaks to us.  A song that feels it was written especially for us because it says in a song what we feel in our heart.

This week I received a letter from a gentleman in New York, USA.  We have never met.  Yet, we have touched each others lives by chance.  I have never believed in coincidences.  I believe life unfolds as it is supposed to.  People enter our lives when it is meant to happen.  And our lives are better for it.

With his permission I want to share with you a song he has written.  It is a powerful song that will touch the heart of every single person who has a loved one struggling with addiction.  It will especially touch the heart of every Mom with a child struggling with the disease of addiction. And  I am going to share his note with you.  Bill has truly captured the agonizing experience of loving a child who struggles with drug addiction.

Log onto the site indicated in his note.  He has so generously provided this for free. Close your eyes so you have no distractions and allow his words and music to enter your heart.  Every word, reflected the feelings I have carried in my heart.  And as a Mom who a child you so deeply loved, struggling with addiction, I know these are the feelings you too, carry in your heart.

I hope after listening to his words you will write him a review that others may find his words and know their feelings, their fears and their pain is validated and understood.  And I would love to hear from you as well.

Please find Bill’s note below and the link to his song:    The Light of Her Love
Dear Ms. Ariano-Jakes,

About a year ago my cousin emailed me and asked if I could write her a song about the experience of having a child who struggled with drug addiction.  Her son is in his thirties and had been addicted since he was 14, although he has been in recovery for three years now.

My initial thought about writing the song was that I couldn’t write a song about this since I had no firsthand experience with it.  As I continued to think about it I realized that I did know what it was like to love a child and I did know what it was like to fear for a child (I’m a 59 year old grandfather.) so perhaps I could write the song.  I began to look around the internet and came upon your book.  I ordered and carefully read your book.

Although my cousin shared a few things with me about her experience, almost everything I now know about what it is like to be the parent of a child who struggles with addiction comes from your book.  I hope I haven’t gotten it horribly wrong and I apologize if it’s presumptuous to think something so poignant, personal and painful as this can be expressed in a four minute song, but here it is. I hope it somehow will have some value to someone.

I’ve attached the song to this email.  The song is streaming and downloadable for free at this music platform.   http://cdbaby.com/cd/billmott2

Warm Regards,

Bill Mott



And until next time my Friend – know you are not alone. Reach out. I truly care.

Much love to you all,


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