Immediate Places of Help For Your Addicted Loved One

Hello Friends – As we come to the end of January we continue to hear of the increasing number of families being affected by the number of overdoses happening in our homes, in our communities, on our streets.  It is a crisis situation we as parents, family members have been pleading for help with, for many years now.

As more research confirms addiction as being an altered brain disease, our political leaders are beginning to speak out about addiction as being a health crisis of epic proportions.  We have a health crisis on our hands and it is not going away.  Our loved ones are suffering unimaginable pain and as you watch your loved one struggling the pain and heartbreak you are living with is unimaginable except to another parent struggling with the same.

I am attaching a letter I received outlining a comprehensive listing of resources to improve access to opioid agonist therapy for individuals with opioid use disorder across Vancouver, Canada.

For those of you living in other areas or countries, I encourage you to approach your Health Authority or your  political health representative to find out what is available in your area.

While your loved one may not be at a place where they are ready to accept help, I encourage you to look into whatever resources are available so that when your loved one does reach out for help, you will have this information at your finger tips.


For those of you who follow Twitter, I hope you will go to my Twitter feed   @AddictionAMS  I post valuable information throughout the day that I believe you will  find helpful and informative for those who have loved ones struggling with addiction, mental illness, homelessness.

Please take the time to take care of yourself.  In the midst of all the kayos of addiction, those of you who have a loved one struggling, often suffer in silence with extreme anxiety, fear, devastation and sleeplessness.  Remember you count.

Please remember you are not alone. Please keep in touch. I truly care.

Much love,




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