10 Keys to Recovery from Mental Illness and Addiction

I found an  article by Dr. David Susman and felt that perhaps it is one you may want to read as well.  Our loved ones are struggling with Addiction.  Many are also struggling with mental illness.

When Addiction: A Mother’s Story first came out in 2012 I wrote that recovery was like running a marathon all uphill.  In the 9th point in this article Dr. Susman also refers to recovery as a marathon.   Those of us who have watched our loved ones try and try again to reach for recovery have seen this ourselves.

I believe you will find valuable information in this article.  You can find it at http://www.davidsusman.com/2014/12/12/10-keys-to-recovery-from-mental-illness-addiction/

I hope you are having a peaceful day.

Remember, you are not alone.  I truly care.

Much love,




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